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ClanDragon ClanDragon
by M. Ross Davies
Maurienne House

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Lyle Palmer

Science fiction is generally not a genre I read, however when Transpress provided me with a copy of M Ross Davies’ first full length novel, ClanDragon, it made an interesting change to my usual reading preferences.

In a solar system millions of years ago and an incomprehensible distance from our own planet, a desperate battle for survival begins on Shard.

Cretons, an insect based species from the world Cretos have invaded Shard, systematically annihilating the inhabitants in a most gruesome way, or, in the case of a luckless few, enslaving them.

Chakin and his family; wife Sharna, son Ty and daughter Tess, along with the very few remaining inhabitants of Shard flee their homeland in search of a new life. In the vastness of space however they are still pursued by two Creton freighters until a daring slingshot maneuver around a star propels them thousands of light years across space. As time passes the small crew are finally rewarded with sightings of light indicating they have crossed the void and eventually a satisfactory new world is found. All seems to go well until the somewhat disgusting Viles make themselves known.

Several more adventures await Chakin and his fellow travelers as they endeavor to settle this strange new planet that eventually becomes what we now know as Earth.

The book itself provides a good read with around 330 pages with good quality semi-gloss paper. Although a bit heavier than similar sized books, it’s not uncomfortable. One minor irritation was the physical layout of the book; I had to hold back the pages quite firmly in order to read the last word or two of each line of even numbered pages, or the beginning word or two of each line of odd numbered pages as the words are very close to the spine edge on each page.

For a first novel, I must say I was impressed with Ross’ work as I quite enjoyed ClanDragon.

I have not seen copies for sale in my local bookstore, but purchases could be made by contacting Transpress direct on (04) 905 3011, or at

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